The Supreme Court ruling does not fix DACA. Dreamers are still living under a cloud of uncertainty until Congress officially provides protection for them. Since October, approximately 122 immigrants each day have had their DACA-issued work permits expire because they were unable to apply in time for renewals. After March 5, that number could go up to hundreds of immigrants a day. Estimates from the Migration Policy Institute suggest that over the two years starting on March 5, 2018, an average of 915 work permits issued under DACA will expire daily. US Citizenship and Immigration Services data suggests that the pace will start slow, with 425 immigrants losing work permits daily in March, but will pick up aggressively a few months later.

TAKE ACTION NOW by writing to your legislators, and Herd on the Hill will hand-deliver your letters to Congress on March 5, 2018, the DACA Day of Action.

Tips for influencing legislators:

  • Tell your story: Do you have kids in DACA you are worried about? Has someone in your family been impacted by the President’s actions on DACA? Your story matters!
  • Include a photograph, if possible (it’s worth a thousand words!)


    [Personalizing sentence. ex. I am a Virginia resident, mother of 3, and a student.] I am writing to express my serious concerns regarding the fate of DACA recipients. Dreamers should be given a path to citizenship, not deported. Without DACA protections, nearly 800,000 young people would be at risk of deportation to countries they have never known. Most Dreamers were brought to the US as babies or children by their parents, but are now in school, in the workforce, or putting their lives on the line in our armed forces. They are a valuable part of our work force and our communities.

    Act now to protect the Dreamers, giving them a path to permanent citizenship. Deporting them would be inhumane, short-sighted, and against the American values that we all hold dear.

    Thank you,

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  3. Enter your mailing address, select your recipients in Congress on the next tab.
  4. All done! We will print and deliver your letter on March 5, 2018.