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This week should be fun. Thanks to 12k or so intrepid Floridians, we have a petition to deliver to Rubio’s office requesting that he hold a town hall.

Our format from last time was pretty good – walking in and reading comments off of it. But I’ve heard rumblings of other techniques that might be even more effective, so please share thoughts!

I’ve already got nibbles from interested press, and I’ve got a draft of a press release in queue.

Is there a consensus on the lunch hour lobbying logo for use above?

For those new and old to the process, please consider reaching out to friends and family back home who may wish to be represented in DC. If you have a connection to an Indivisible group, perhaps they have a petition or letter they’d like delivered.

Reminders: It’s your First Amendment right to petition your representatives, so there’s no impediment to who can enter the office buildings (other than a metal detector). All five of us walked in unimpeded this week. And everyone was extremely welcoming.

For the uninitiated, Representatives’ and Senators’ offices are NOT located in the Capitol itself.

Here are links to find where your representative and/or Senators are hiding:

Map of the Capitol Hill Complex: https://goo.gl/22F6zm

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