If you are concerned about the Trump Campaign’s and Administration’s connection to Russia, sign this petition – we’ll go to Senators’ offices in DC in person to tell them your views. And we might even be able to get you on the phone with someone on their staff.

If you live in North Carolina, Virginia, Idaho, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, California, New Mexico, Oregon, or West Virginia, your senator(s) are on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which is conducting the current congressional investigation.

If President Trump fires FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Congress must immediately create an Independent, non-partisan commission led by Robert Mueller.

Sign the Petition
If only a few constituents sign for a particular senator, we will have to hold the letter to that senator until we get more signatures. So please forward this to your in-state friends so they can sign too. (and of course, forward to friends in other states as well!).  If you have said you’ll be available for a call, THANK YOU! We will do our best to arrange it but we may not have resources to meet all requests. If you don’t hear from us but really want to do a call, send an email and we’ll try to make you a priority.